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QLL Little Detroit

I’m shaking things up for the June Maker of the Month and highlighting a papercutter: Little Detroit! You might be thinking, what hell is papercutter? Paper-cutting is a technique where the artist uses special blades to cut designs in sheet of paper, creating unique patterns and visuals. This art form stems all the way to the 4th Century, and transcends dozens of cultures.

One of the most iconic uses, called Papel picado, is found in Mexico. You’ve probably seen the colorful paper banners for Dia de Los Muertos; those intricate designs are created using papercutting. I love this art form because it takes tremendous patience and each artist has their own spin on the form.

Now, getting back to Little Detroit! This Danish papercutter creates striking designs that are both ornate and modern. I love how they play around with color and shapes; some of their works are vibrant and elaborate, while others are subtle and minimalist. I dream of snagging one of their creations for my office wall gallery.

Be sure to give Little Detroit a follow on their Instagram, plus stay tuned for their website to launch.

Image Credits: Little Detroit