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Hey there.

Welcome to Quarter-Life Living, my outlet to help others bring style and sophistication to their twenty-something homes. Everyone deserves to love where they live, no matter the square footage.


After dragging my feet and second-guessing myself for about a bazillion years, I FINALLY pulled the trigger and launched my design services today. I’ve been doing interior styling as a side-hustle for a while now, working with family and friends on projects for their homes. And let me tell you… It. Fuels. My. Soul. I seriously love helping loved ones create their dream space, whether it be a full room or small section of one. So why not offer this to everyone who needs a little help making their vision a reality?

If you are struggling to make your Pinterest boards a reality, then let me help you get there! I know that styling your home can feel hectic - with overwhelming amounts of options, limited time, and limited budget. I’m here to help you bring your ideal look to life, and take the stress out of the process so you can enjoy the journey.

To kick off my styling services, I’m offering 4 packages to meet various design needs and budgets.


Although it is my smallest offering, it packs punch. The Mini can help you get over a design hurdle or two and let you move forward with your plans! We’ll connect for a 1-hour consultation where I can help with a variety of challenges you may be facing. Stumped on picking a cohesive paint palette? Sign me up. Need ideas on how to pair area rugs? Yes, please! Want ideas for accessorizing a room plus recommended “hidden gem” stores to source from? I’m your girl. This is great if you just need a little guidance or are working on a very limited budget.


Not in Minneapolis. but want a little more style support? The Mid is for you! This package is my E-Design offering, and is perfect if you’re wanting assistance creating a cohesive design for your space. I’ll provide 3 design boards based on your desired aesthetic and goals, plus will pin all the products in a shared Pinterest board so you can shop at your convenience. The design boards will give you a visualization of how to create the look in your home.


From start to finish, I’m there every step of the way with The Max offering. This package is my full-suite design option, beginning with a design consultation and ending with my in-home installation and styling service. If you are looking for complete support from start to finish, then this one is for you!


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bittttt of a neatnik. As an organization fiend, I absolutely geek out over getting to help restore order and tidiness in other people’s homes. With The Mix package, I’ll work with you to identify problem areas in your home to not only organize those spots, but help you create repeatable processes to maintain the neatness and serenity going forward. I’m like Marie Kondo, only half as endearing, but just as determined.

Ready to make design magic? Check out my brand spanking new Services page to get started!

Here are some design boards I’ve created for clients so far:

Cover Image Credit: Brass Tacks KC