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Welcome to Quarter-Life Living, my outlet to help others bring style and sophistication to their twenty-something homes. Everyone deserves to love where they live, no matter the square footage.



I know I’m not alone when I say that I love coffee. While I limit myself to a cup a day, I practically hug my mug after it’s brewed and savor every sip. J and I received an espresso machine as a wedding gift, and I use it nearly every single day to make homemade almond milk lattes. It’s - no exaggeration - the gift we use most often, aside from dishes and flatware.

Although this has become a part of my daily morning ritual, there are plenty of times when I simply crave posting up in a coffee shop and trying out one of their creations. This past Saturday, I was in a mood for a Chai latte before we headed to a cooking class, so we decided to try a new spot nearer to the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. A quick Google Maps search later, and Botany Coffee was the end destination.

I can safely say I have never been within a 5-block radius of Botany Coffee before. Despite growing up in the Twin Cities, I didn’t frequent most Minneapolis neighborhoods aside from Downtown, North Loop, Uptown, and Northeast until after college. Which is precisely why I was so intrigued by Botany. What better way to see new areas of your city then by exploring new shops and restaurants?

After snagging a parking spot and fending the bitter cold with my enormous parka, I entered the coffee shop and took in its minimalist beauty while ordering my Chai (really manifested my destiny there). Botany’s atmosphere is calming - light woodwork, color-block walls that stretch to high ceilings, endless natural light from the south-facing windows. It’s not without visual interest though; the bar pops with mint paint, back wall dons a leafy sprig patterned wallpaper, and backsplash shows off smoky hex tiles. It all feels effortlessly beautiful.

Favorite Elements

  • Varied seating options: Botany had several high tops along the side wall (my personal preference), a window bar, banquet table to accommodate bigger groups, and booth-style bench with tables near the front for a intimate feel.

  • Neature: they wouldn’t be called Botany Coffee if they didn’t show off their green thumb. Between their enormous potted palm (I think it’s a Birds of Paradise), hanging planters, and crawling vines, they perfectly highlight Mother Nature without it feeling overwhelming.

  • Light on light: with enormous south-facing windows, this place gets tremendous natural light. We were there at 3:30 PM in the winter, yet didn’t see the lights come on by the time we left around 4:45. I love the way the light creates scattered shadows around the shop. My favorite shots from their Insta feed are when the light casts their brand name across a wall or table.

The atmosphere, tasty Chai, and friendly staff will bring me back. Now, without further ado:

Botany Coffee - Quarter-Life Living
Botany Coffee - Quarter-Life Living
Botany Coffee - Quarter-Life Living
Botany Coffee - Quarter-Life Living
Botany Coffee - Quarter-Life Living

Image Credit: Cover - Botany Coffee || Others: my trusty iPhone.