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Terrazzo is probably one of those materials you know and didn't even realize it. This material stems all the way back to ancient Egypt, but was most used throughout Italy before finally crossing the pond and gaining popularity in the US during the 1920s. Typically made with chips of granite or marble, it is then set in concrete and polished for a smooth finish. The pros: it is extremely durable. The cons: it can be terribly heinous.

As I sift through pictures of this style, I find myself either loving it or vehemently hating it - there is no in between. Some styles remind me of vintage speckled lunch trays (barf), and others feel like beautiful mosaics, each inch perfectly and entirely unique. Now, getting back to the "bet you knew this without realizing." Terrazzo is all over many college campuses. Remember that durability trait I mentioned? Turns out, that's ideal for heavily trafficked areas like a good old-fashioned college lecture hall. But, your alma mater isn't the only spot donning terrazzo...

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is also terrazzo.

I personally think the best way to nail this look is in moderation or in accents. Styles ebb and flow, and this is one that might feel painfully dated [again] in a few years from now. One way to bring greater longevity is finding a piece that has less contrast between the flakes and the cement. I've seen this beautifully done, and it feels ornate without being polarizing.

Check out these speckled shots that are keen to my eye:


The last image is from Carolina Herrera's S/S '18 collection. You know a trend is hotttt when it transcends both the architectural and fashion worlds. 

What do you think? Love it or leave it in the '20s? Let me know in the comments!

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