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Hey there.

Welcome to Quarter-Life Living, my outlet to help others bring style and sophistication to their twenty-something homes. Everyone deserves to love where they live, no matter the square footage.


Tarzhay (tär-zhay): pronouncing Target with a French accent to make it sound more upscale and to emphasize its superiority over other retailers. See also: "Shit Minnesotans Say"

Being born and raised in Minne means that Target reminds me of home. No matter what Target I walk into, I can find the products I need, the layouts are relatively similar, it even SMELLS familiar. There is just something weirdly comforting about their stores, and despite being a multi-billionaire corporation, Target still kind of feels like a local success story.

In recent years, Target has seriously upped its game in several departments, including clothing and shoes, but obviously I care most about home goods, so I'll just get down to business. If you've stumbled into one of their stores recently then you've probably seen that they've elevated their decor and furniture offerings ten-fold. With collaborative lines from Nate Berkus, Cheeky Home, Dwell Magazine, and more, there are so many awesome finds at affordable prices.

Don't get me wrong, that affordable price piece does make me feel conflicted, because it usually means the products are cheaply made overseas, but being twenty-something means I don't have the deepest pockets in the world, so sometimes you just can't pass on a great deal. I'm sure you all can relate! Here are some of my favorite looks from their home department, plus some products that I'm crushing on.