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Hey there.

Welcome to Quarter-Life Living, my outlet to help others bring style and sophistication to their twenty-something homes. Everyone deserves to love where they live, no matter the square footage.


I don't know about you, but I think there is something fascinating about a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, art, clothing, you name it. The idea of something being entirely original - not a single other like it in the entire world - is so COOL. That is what draws me to live edge furniture. Each one is unique, a beautiful reminder of just how incredible nature is.


Feel like watching Planet Earth now? Me too. Live/natural edge furniture pieces have been all over, and I love how they bring a rugged, natural feel to a room. Don't get me wrong, it can get "cabin up north" REAL QUICK, so I only like it paired with modern elements throughout the rest of the room. Another perk of this method beyond its uniqueness, is that you can used salvaged wood (tree hugger win).

Love the look? There are plenty of ways to bring it to your own home! If you feel like channeling your innner-Paul Bunyan, you can go and find your own stump in the wilderness (detailed tips via Wood Magazine). If that sounds like hell but you're still driven to DIY, then you can always buy a piece from a local sawmill or even online, and customize it to your liking.

You do you.

In the meantime, here are the usual anything-but-usual inspo shots.


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