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Hey there.

Welcome to Quarter-Life Living, my outlet to help others bring style and sophistication to their twenty-something homes. Everyone deserves to love where they live, no matter the square footage.


Now that I have 2 Instagram accounts, I find that my feeds are polarized - my personal account is for all of my favorite humans, and the Quarter-Life Living account is packed with all things home. A few years ago, Pinterest used to be my go-to outlet for decor and design inspiration, but now I find my Insta feed teaming with impeccable home photos.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of awesome accounts out there, but if there was an award ceremony for the best and baddest Instagram accounts, then here is who I would want winning an Instagrammy (should I just trademark this now?):

Almost Makes Perfect


Annabode + Co.






Design Love Fest





The House that Lars Built


House of Hipsters


The Makerista


Uh. May. Zing.

Have some accounts that you think are worth following? Share them in the comment section below!