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Hey there.

Welcome to Quarter-Life Living, my outlet to help others bring style and sophistication to their twenty-something homes. Everyone deserves to love where they live, no matter the square footage.


It's the 4th of July, which just so happens to be my favorite holiday of the year. While I love Christmas, there is just something to be said about a day where you get to spend time outside (preferably on a lake), have great food and drinks, and then cap it off by watching fireworks. 

Of course, I found it only fitting to find some ideas on how to style your home for America's birthday. While there are millions of different pictures with flags all over, I wanted to find some more subtle hints for a patriotic touch. 

If I'm being completely honest, I don't know how patriotic I feel at the moment. These last 8 months have certainly been interesting for our country, and today has brought some significant reflection on what it means to be American. In 1785, James Madison stated that America was to be "an asylum to the persecuted and oppressed of every nation and religion." Over 200 years later, and we still fall short of that aim. I believe we can do better. We can be better.

That took a twist I hadn't even anticipated, but it felt unfair and contrived to act as though I'm a proud American at the moment. In fact, I'm currently in Iceland. So while I'm trading my grill and pool-filled itinerary for a waterfall and puffin-filled one, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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Funny side note: one of the things I searched for was "red and blue glasses." Google NAILED IT. 

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