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In case I haven't beaten a dead horse enough, I will say it again: I LOVE traveling. Exploring new cities, experiences different cultures, trying unique foods - what is there not to love?

How about 8+ hours trapped on a plane with minimal leg room? Yeaaahhhh the in between part is far from a treat, but packing the right items helps make it more bearable.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely organized, and packing is no exception. With all of the travel I have been able to do since graduating - both for work and for fun - I have made some investments in quality travel gear, and it is a game-changer. While I almost always check a bag (hair products make this necessary), there are items I always keep in my carry on to make the flight as enjoyable as possible.

While the below items comprise more of a "long-haul" list, most of these still make the cut even if it a domestic journey.

1. Lo & Son's O.G. Bag - To say that I am obsessed with this bag is an understatement. I may as well be a brand ambassador, because I have literally subjected my friends to product demonstrations. I love it THAT much. As I mentioned, organization is a strong suit for me, and this bag helps me stash everything neatly. Watch the video and be amazed.

Bag 3.PNG

2. iPad - Pretty self-explanatory, but I'll usually pre-download an episode or two (or more if it is a long trip), plus I have some apps to help pass the time. 

3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones - Although they are a splurge, I am in love with my pair, and think they are worth the steeper price point if you travel a ton. Between the crazy engine noise and cabin announcements, these bad boys drown out a LOT.

4. Portable Charger - Because the last thing you need is to stress about battery life or finding an outlet. My old boss gave me one for a holiday gift, and it has come in clutch many times.

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Balm - I covered this in my birthday wishlist, but this stuff is wonderful. I own several tints, but the Rose is pretty timeless. It has a light tint, is super moisturizing, and packs SPF 15 protection. 

Lip Balm.jpg

6. Travel Perfume Atomizer - Another fantastic find - this helps me bring my favorite perfume along without having to lug the full bottle. 

7. Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle - Planes are basically germ tubes flying through the air, so it is important to stay hydrated and packed with vitamins. I usually pregame my trips - no not with alcohol, with Airborne or Emergen-C. This routine helps, but water is key. 

8. Neck Pillow - I truly used to make fun of people that brought these onto flights, but I'm a changed woman. I bought one for our Europe trip last year, and it helped tremendously. Sleep over style.

9. Henri Bendel Pill Case - Because only a rookie traveler would check their medicine. Don't have any prescriptions? Well, that baby in 15C looks seconds away from a screaming fit, so having ibuprofen on hand isn't a bad idea.

10. Toiletries - This varies per person, but for me it toothbrush, mini toothpaste, contact case, solution. Boom.

11. Korres Make Up Removing Wipes - for red-eyes, these are a must. 

12. Snacks - I try to bring something healthy, like my favorite Perfect Bars, but in reality I usually end up packing a ton of candy. I'm a child. I know.

13. If you're flying United, you might want to just bring your lawyer with you, or at least have their phone number on speed dial. (High fives all around for a reference to a somewhat current event).

Oh.... and just in case....