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For Christmas this year, J surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam (he's a unicorn, I know). Last Thursday, the day after my birthday and the day after he proposed, we set off for our latest adventure across the pond. Being that he had popped the question not even 12 hours earlier, we spent our time in the car and airport calling our family and closest friends to share our news.

After a layover in Minneapolis, we boarded the plane for Amsterdam with overwhelming excitement. We were quickly brought back down to Earth, however, when we found that our seats were situated across the aisle from a mom traveling with her seven children. You read correctly. SEVEN. CHILDREN. Three of whom were under the age of 4. To make matters crazier, my TV screen was malfunctioning, and it took over an hour before I was finally able to get a movie started (J even took a video because the glitches hilariously kept pulling up a movie called "Monster Trucks" - apparently the universe just REALLY wanted me to watch it).

Our trip may have gotten off to a rocky start, with both of us getting only an hour of sleep, but our moods quickly turned around once we settled into our Airbnb and set off to explore. Check out the photos below, because I'm pretty sure we found the cutest Airbnb in the whole city.

The Netherlands became the 19th country I have been to, and I loved getting to stroll along the canals, explore the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, and visit Zaanse Schaans - a nearby windmill village. It has been 4 days since we returned home, and my stomach is still craving Dutch pancakes.

First Image Credit: maeandmany via Instagram.