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Hey there.

Welcome to Quarter-Life Living, my outlet to help others bring style and sophistication to their twenty-something homes. Everyone deserves to love where they live, no matter the square footage.


T-Minus 6 hours until lift off.

Today is the day that I embark on my next European adventure, this time to Amsterdam, Brussels and Brugge. Traveling is one of my greatest passions in life, and I have an endless list of places I want to see in this world. I don't think I'm alone in wanting to spend my 20s and early 30s exploring as much of this planet as possible before that traditional "settling down" stage kicks in. 

At 26 years old, I have been fortunate enough to travel to 40 states and 17 countries, and I'm just getting started. J and I have a series of challenges for each other in 2017, and whoever wins gets to pick our big travel destination for 2018. Right now, he is set on Belize, and I am torn between Indonesia, the Philippines, or Argentina (let me know which you would recommend in the comment section!).

With every new place I travel to, I try to find a unique souvenir to take home, but sometimes it gets tough to constantly be adding new trinkets to your home. So, far all of you wanderlusters out there, here are some items you can keep in your home to help commemorate your love for travel.

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Travel 20.jpg

If those pictures don't make you want to book an international flight, then I don't know what will. Check out these travel decor items you can score for your own space, and wish me luck with this red eye!

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