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IT'S HERE. IT'S HERE. IT'S HERE!!!!!! If you are an avid HGTV or Target fan, then your dreams just came true last week when Chip and Joanna Gaines launched their new line at Target: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. This news was somewhat bittersweet, because in conjunction with announcing the line, the dynamic duo also let fans know this will be their final season of Fixer Upper.

As someone who works out to HGTV (seriously), I was bummed, but they are clearly onto new and exciting ventures! Now, let's get down to business: Hearth & Hand. Chip and Joanna both have an affinity for the modern farmhouse style, so I was a little nervous the new line would feel too country for my taste, but I've found a bunch of dinnerware, textiles, and decorative accents that I'm digging in a major way.

The main accent color is a beautiful emerald green, so it is perfect for the upcoming holiday season, but there are also plenty of beautiful neutrals for year-round use. I love the idea of mixing and matching their dining set with varying black and white pieces (I especially like the setting with the white plates and black bowls that they feature in their ads). The matte black flatware is also TO DIE FOR, and I've been eyeing up a similar set from West Elm for months now. All-in-all, I'd say they put together a really solid spread of decor! Take a peak at my personal favs:

What do you think of the new line? Anything you're throwing in your red cart faster than you can say Waco, Texas?