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Day 3 of the Holiday Gift Guides, and we are on to a controversial term: The Basic B.

The term "basic" cracks me up, because in reality the majority of people like the things that are deemed "basic." If you're hating on basic girls, ask yourself: have you found yourself drinking Starbucks in the past year? Do you own anything Adidas or Calvin Klein? Do you like any song by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, or Taylor Swift? Are there any selfies in your camera roll? Okay... Then quit calling the kettle basic, because YOU are basic, my friend, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

This list is for all the Basic Bs out there who are proudly waving their millennial pink flags. They feel no shame in liking "mainstream" things, and own the badge proudly. Perhaps they are watching Love Actually as you read this. Perhaps they are wearing matching festive pajamas and jamming out to the Mariah Carey Christmas album. Regardless, they probably LOVE getting gifts as much as they love Kardashian drama, so do yourself a favor and get something they will be so excited about they may just gram it.

Holiday Gift Guide - The Basic B.jpg

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera - It's their dream come true! Selfies, but like, printed!

2. Pajama Set - ASOS has a million options between flamingos, donuts, unicorns, and tacos. Pick their favorite (if you can narrow it down) and let them cozy up in style.

3. Era Home Marble Frame - Perfect for displaying her fav photos.

4. Monogram Keychain - These little beauties from Anthro will add a personal touch to any set of keys. 

5. 'Might Be Bubbly ' Mug - I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess this girl you're gifting for loves Rosé and/or Champagne (but who doesn't?).

6. Chloe Jewelry Case by Wolf - Similar to the one I featured in The Million Miler gift guide, this is fantastic for travel but has a more feminine design.

7. Lush Cosmetics - The Charity Pot is my recommendation, because Lush donates some of the profits to amazing non-profits, but you can feel really great about buying any product from this company.

8. Her Favorite Perfume - Full-size bottles are expensive, but many designers have smaller versions or roller balls. Either way, this is always a treat considering it's a luxury that can often get nixed if they are on a budget.

9. Spotted Throw Pillow - #KREWELLA. Seriously though, this spotted number will likely be a great addition to her bedroom or living room.

10. BKR Water Bottle - These come in a range of colors, so you can snag their favorite. Great for staying hydrated at the gym or office, and looking good while drinking from it.

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