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Kicking off the Holiday Gift Guide week at numero uno: The Booze Hound.

Now, let's get one thing straight: "Booze Hound" does not need to be a negative term - just someone who enjoys getting together with their friends Jack, Jim, Jose or Morgan on occasion. At the end of the day, there is no shame in being the life of the party!

The holidays are the perfect time to highlight something someone enjoys - so seize the opportunity and stock them up with some items that are near-and-dear to their liver... I mean.... heart... And whatever you do, make sure you're invited to the New Years Eve party they'll be at.

Booze Hound Gift Guide.jpg

1State Outline Beer Flight - Bonus: this gift can also be displayed when not in use to show off their state pride.

2. Norseman Gin - I absolutely love Norseman vodka, and they have a ton of inventive flavor concoctions that I am dying to try. Pineapple Chipotle? Sign me up!

3.  - Tickets to an Event - For the person who has everything, gifting an experience is a great route! Check out wine/beer/distillery tastings, or local events that your recipient can attend.

4. Neighborhoods Map Coasters - Represent their city and protect against water rings all in one. You are SUCH a good friend (Gretchen Wieners tone implied).

5. Cocktail Recipe Book - I love the idea of this book in particular because it is chalk-full of cocktails with simple ingredient lists, plus it is cute enough to display on a bar cart.

6. Pyrite Wine Stopper - In case they don't finish the bottle, if that ever happens.

7. Long Stem Wine Glasses - For the Scandal fans of the world, these are Olivia Pope's obsession - all that's missing is the popcorn.

8. Cocktail Shaker - Shake in style. This one in particular is ultra-modern and timeless, but there are hundreds of design options out there.

9. United States of Beer Map - Snag an affordable frame at Michael's, Target or Home Goods, because this baby deserves better than to be held up by Scotch tape.

Too bad Uber doesn't sell gift cards.


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